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Please do not let murderer Mohammed Nisham get away free.

The intention of this page is to create and spread maximum awareness among the Public about the brutal and barbaric crime perpetuated by Nisham Mohammed, a businessman based out of Thrissur, Kerala, that resulted in the death of an innocent man. 
Kindly share this with as much as people as possible and spread maximum awareness. Let us all work collectively to use the power of Social Media, to bring Mohammed Nisham to justice. 
The is a horrific tale of Mohammed Nisham who is now in Police custody since Jan 29, after ramming his Hummer into Chandrabose, a security Guard at the apartment that Nisham resides in, pinning him against a wall, and later beating him with an iron rod - after the security guard could not open a gate quickly enough. Chandrabose died on Feb 17, succumbing to the injuries sustained in the attack.
Mohammed Nisham
Nisham is managing director of Tirunelveli based King Beedi Co. He also has hotel and jewelry businesses in the Middle East and Real Estate investments in Kerala; and lives a life of excess that includes nearly 20 super luxury cars, including a Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Aston Martin among others. The deceased, Chandrabose, was a security Guard at Sobha City Thrissur where Nisham resides. He is survived by wife Jamanthi, daughter Revathy, an engineering student and son Amal Dev, a Class XI student.
A chronology of events for those who are not familiar with the events:
This is a story of absolute arrogance and manic rage. In the early morning of January 29 as Nisham pulled up outside his Apartment complex in Thrissur in his Hummer, Chandrabose, in charge of the vehicle movement register, was on night duty inside his cabin. Manning the gate nearby were two other security staffers.
The security men were verifying the vehicle and its occupant before lifting the bar at the gate when Nisham lost his cool. Nisham jumped out of the SUV and started manhandling the staff. Then, he rushed to the cabin, smashed the glass panes and attacked Chandrabose.
According to other security guards, Chandrabose ran out and climbed on top of the fountain in front of the gate, but Nisham reversed the Hummer and rammed it into the fountain crushing the man against the wall causing significant damage to his internal organs which most likely caused his death. 
Nisham then threw Chandrabose in the back of his Hummer, and called his wife from their apartment almost half a km away from the gate, and asked her to come over with a gun. When she arrived, without a gun, Nisham drove the Hummer into the parking lot, pulled out Chandrabose and bludgeoned him with an iron rod repeatedly for nearly 30 minutes. He finally left, after abandoning Chandrabose under the Hummer.
By this time, a police patrol team, alerted by other security staff, reached the spot. Nisham was violent and even threatened to attack them. Then they had to get more policemen from a station nearby and take him into custody.
According to doctors, Chandra Bose had as many as nine fractures on his ribs and five wounds on his intestine, which he suffered after being hit by the Hummer. Besides, there were fractures on his hips and vertebra as well. The left forearm of the guard was completely broken and his lungs were ruptured at several spots as the broken ribs pierced through them. As many as five surgeries were conducted on Chandrabose in a span of nearly three weeks.
Chief Minister Oommen Chandy had said the cost of Chandrabose’s treatment would be borne by the government. But he, and the state, needs to do more to ensure the late security guard and his family get justice, starting with fool-proof protection for the eyewitnesses in the case. There are already rumors of crores of Rupees being offered to Chandrabose’s family to “settle”. They might not take it but what is the guarantee that other witnesses, like the other security guards, might not succumb to pressure or to threats, from a man who seems to have been leading a charmed life despite a Dozen other cases against him. 
There are rumors of orchestrated attempts to weaken the murder case charged against Mohammed Nisham. Even 19 days after the incident, neither the police nor the Judiciary bothered to record the statement of Chandrabose even though he was conscious for the first four days of his three-week stay in the hospital. Questions are being raised on the serious lapse from the part of the police in so grave a case.
Though the police received ample evidence to establish Nisham’s shady dealings and seized incriminating materials from his flat during a raid, the police have neither included those in the chargesheet nor invoked any other Sections of IPC to frame him in connection with the evidence other than Section 307 (Murder attempt and now 302 (murder) of the IPC.
The police seem to have had a good relation with Nisham. Cops had helped him compromise a case related to a tussle with his neighbors in a Kochi apartment. He received similar help in a case of barging into a house and beating up a man after an altercation in a gymnasium. A cheque-bouncing case and drunken driving case against Nisham have also been dismissed with the help of cops and lawyers.
Meanwhile, the district sessions court in Thrissur on Wednesday rejected the bail plea of Nisham, who is facing murder charge. The court observed that Nisham is a highly influential businessman, which was evident from the fact the several criminal cases had been settled out of court. Considering the likelihood of the alleged accused attempting to influence or intimidate the witnesses, the court said bail could not be granted to the accused.
Police are exploring the possibility of invoking 'Goonda Act' against serial offender and businessman Mohammed Nisham, but criminal cases pending against him are being ended through out-of-court settlements.
A serial offender can be classified as a 'known rowdy' and placed under preventive detention as per Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act of 2007, which is commonly known as 'Goonda Act'. To declare a person as a 'known rowdy', he must be found to be involved in at least three separate offences during police investigation.
Mohammed Nisham had been accused of 16 criminal cases including rape and attempt to murder before the controversial businessman fatally assaulted a security guard and rammed his Hummer into him. The owner of the Kings Group, however, went scot-free in at least nine cases, thanks to his money power.
Nisham said he was helped by the Bengaluru police chief in a case of drunken brawl in the city. The case never reached the court but that cost Nisham Rs 1.5 lakh, he said during the interrogation in the case of assaulting the guard at the posh residential complex in Thrissur where he stayed.
He was also accused of misusing the picture of a woman, his close relative, on Facebook. When he filed petitions before the High Court of Kerala to quash proceedings in the case and another one filed by Abdul Razak under the Information Technology Act, the prosecution chose not to oppose the plea of the rich accused.
Even in a case of attempt to murder, the prosecution took a similar stand. Nisham was accused of attacking Vellur native Shamsuddeen but he successfully got the high court to nix the case after the prosecution kept away.
Nisham also revealed the cost of compromising with another merchant who had a shop near his textile showroom in Thrissur. Though the merchant had filed five complaints of assault against Nisham, he withdrew them after a top cop in the district prevailed upon him to do so. Nisham said he had to spend Rs 1 lakh on each of the five complaints.
A case of raping a Bengaluru-based model has gotten nowhere. Nisham has not even been questioned a year after the incident.
A case of attempting to murder one of the owners of the Malabar Engineering College is before the court. The Viyyur police have registered a case after Nisam led a few goons with deadly weapons to assault the victim in his house. A drunken brawl in Thalasseri is also before the court.
Nisham's Luxury Car Collection
Nisham had hit the headlines when he made his 9-year-old son drive his Ferrari and uploaded the visuals on YouTube. A case registered by the Peramangalam police for letting a minor drive is in progress. A case of locking up a woman police inspector inside his car and a hit-and-run case are also pending before court.
The death of Chandrabose, the guard hit by Nisham’s Hummer, is the latest in the controversial businessman’s crimes. He had offered crores of rupees to a police officer to avoid an arrest. He had publicly said he was ready to spend any amount of money for the case. The shoes with which he kicked Chandrabose to death cost him Rs 5 lakh, he said.
This crime has happened in Thrissur, not in New Delhi or Mumbai from where it would have received national or International attention, so if Nisham does get away scot free, chances are that, there would be no candle-light marches or protests by demonstrators. But in case he does, the government and we as a society need to remember that it will be the gravest travesty of justice, of having allowed a man to crush the life out of a fellow human being for the most trivial of reasons. That should N.O.T happen.

NOTE: This Blog entry has been complied by referring to Articles from multiple News Websites, Newspapers etc.

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